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Nova’s latest single, KILLING GORGEOUS GEORGE. Available for free digital download at the shop!

RELEASE DATE: February 2018

Where do we go now? The beautiful blue Earth where we inhabit – water, food, shrubbery, plants, animals, minerals, mountains, lakes, rivers, and more- has been taking punches for several decades due to the expansion of human industrial production, consumption, and questionable political decisions.

Where do we go to live now?

After all the beauty of Earth has been erased and only the run off of human greed, hedonistic consumption survives within every crevice, hole, cave, dot, landscape … where do we go now?

In Nova’s latest single, Sand and Sea, a photo of a damaged Earth, with snaps of radioactive green muk and grime, is captured elegantly by Nova’s emotional vocals.

The situation the Earth faces is dire – let’s help each other out. Spread the word, the message.

Nova – Sand and Sea.

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