Tubular World single album cover

Tubular World

Wallstreet wrecked havoc nearly 10 years ago. Welcome your mind to a different perspective on the secret men behind the numbers. Nova Casanova's gritty and painfully truthful upcoming single.
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COMING SOON 2017 - 2018

Tubular World single album cover

Sand and Sea

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-Limited to 100 Physical Copies- Also available digitally

After all the beauty of Earth has been erased and only the run off of human greed, hedonistic consumption survives within every crevice, hole, cave, dot, landscape … where do we go now?

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Sand And Sea - Official Music Video

Killing Gorgeous George

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A haunting message on police brutality against minorities in the USA. Powerful imagery is noted in the lyricism of the song. Heavy synths of yore bring back the pain and distress of brutality against minorities during the 80s and early 90s. Nova Casanova's earlier single, before While They Were Dancing.

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Killing Gorgeous George - Official Music Video YOUTUBE

While They Were Dancing

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Nova Casanova's debut Americana-Ultra-Rock album. Tastefully performed and uniquely fullfilling. While They Were Dancing contains powerful and sensual lyrics combined with whimsical and political imagery. Your need for musically rich sounds is here.

1. While They Were Dancing
2. Lava Lamp
3. Apple Land
4. Something Grand
5. Calico Doll
6. Lock On The Door
7. Notorious
8. Throw My Love Away
9. My Candlelight
10. Halo Man